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Gospel Hymns Acappella female

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 *Gospel keys 202: 3 or 4 over Dominant chord (here F over Ab)
 *jazzier chord: maj9 (example Db maj9) add6
 *Gospel Keys 500 : Cool Down The Shouting Music
 *shouting music3: Fills and Variations
 *Gospel Progressions Made Easy
 *power up chords (by LH powerchords), example F#9#5 chord
 *6251 cicle
 *Tricks In Foot Stomping Praise Music: Altered Ab pentatonic scale over bass walking line
 *Shouting Music by Ear Part 2
 *Shouting music1: Ab 13 chord
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Gospel keys 202: 3 or 4 over Dominant chord (here F over Ab)