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Al Green live

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Drums: Gosepldrummers Chris Coleman

Drums: Gosepldrummers: Rex Hardy Jr

Drums: Gospeldrummers: JLaToiya

Drums: Gospeldrummers: Aaron Spears

Drums: Gospeldrummers: Eric Moore

Drums: Gospeldrummers:Kahari Parker

Drums: Gospeldrumrs: Gerald Heyward

Drums:Gospeldrumrs: Ronald BrunerJr


Film der Woche

gear, keys, producers talk

Gospel Hymns Acappella female

Gospel Hymns Acappella male

Gospel Hymns Piano and Voice

Gospel Hymns Piano Tutorial

Gospel Israel and New Breed

gospel organ lessons

Gospel Piano

Gospel Piano lessons

Gospel singing female

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Gospelpiano lessons Jermaine Griggs

Gospelpiano lessons Jonathan Powell


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Mary J Blige live

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Pro Tools

 *Pro Tools 8- official Digidesign Video Overview
 *Pro Tools 8 - Audio Comping
 *AES`08 Digidesign Pro Tools 8
 *Transfuser- The Ultimate Groove Creator - Part1
 *Transfuser - The Ultimate Groove Creator - Part 2
 *Didigesign Pro Tools - Structure (introduction)
 *Digidesign Pro Tools - Structure (part 2 -Layering Sounds)
 *Digidesign Pro Tools - Structure (part 3 -Multi- Timbral)
 *Digidesign Pro Tools - Structure (part 4 -Keyswitching)
 *Digidesign Pro Tools - Structure (part 5 - Drag and Drop)
 *Digidesign Pro Tools - Structure (part 6 - Mapping Samples)
 *Digidesign Pro Tools - Synchronic (part1)
 *Digidesign Pro Tools - Synchronic (part2)
 *Digidesign Pro Tools - Synchronic (part3)
 *Pro Tools Music Creation (part 1)
 *Pro Tools Music Creation (part 2)
 *Pro Tools Music Creation (part 3)
 *tempo matching
 *identify beat
 *Beat detective
 *Pro Tools 7.4 Part One (elastic audio)
 *using elastic audio in ProTools 7.4
 *Changing song tempo with elastic time
 *Pro Tools 7.4 Drums
 *7.4 elastic editing multi-track drums
 *drum mixing (mixing with the pros)
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R&B Beat making

R&B Drummers

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Rahel Kraska



Pro Tools 8- official Digidesign Video Overview